Cristiana Messina

The sea of hope

Written and directed by Walid Salhab _ Salhabfilms

Visual development & 2D animation: Cristiana Messina


The film deals with the difficulties that refugee families face and the hard ships that they have to deal with to escape their difficult reality.
It is a film that wants to raise awareness about the immigration problem.

A process trought 3D animation transformed into 2D hand-draw traditional artistic animation.
(7 mins)

Watch the trailer.

The Sea of Hope has been selected by over 64 film festivals world wide and won over 50 awards, this is only a selection of the festivals and awards.
1. Winner San Diego Art Film Festival. Best Animation
2. Winner EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT Award at the Multi Dimensional International Film Festival
3. Official selection VENICE SHORTS
4. Runners up award animation 31st Woods Hole Film Festival.
6. Winner Best Animation 8&half film awards Italy
8. Winner Best animation The Stanley film Awards
9. Winner best Animation Miami Indie Film Awards
10. Winner Best Animation London Movie Awards.
11. Winner Silver Award Paris Film Awards
12. Winner Best Animation New York Movie Awards
13. Best Director award Hollywood Gold Awards
16. Official selection Amsterdam International Short Film Festival.
17. Winner best animation Milan Gold Awards.
18. Winner 4th Dimension Independent film festival.
19. Official selection The 14th Annual San Jose International Short Film Festival
20. Winner Onyko Films Awards best animation
21. Winner Critic’s Choice international film festival best animation
22. Winner best animation award of excellence Beyond the Curve international film festival
23. Winner best animation Hollywood Golden Age international film festival
25. Winner best animation Miami Indie film awards
26. Winner best animation Swedish international film festival.
Some of the awards: