Cristiana Messina

Cristiana Massina (b.1991) is an Italian-born artist currently living in Scotland. Her works straddle the line between fine art and the new media, inspired by her love of travel and the equine.

Trained at the Giacomo Manzú art school in Bergamo (IT) then the European Institute of Design in Milan where she specialised in visual arts and 2d animation. Her formal education was finished at the Leith School of Painting in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she studied the techniques of oil painting.

Her works have been exhibited internationally with her studies of horses being featured in the Paard Verzmeld Equestrian Gallery in Amsterdam and her paintings and video installations forming part of the Art and Cavallo festival in Verona. Her personal project, an illustrated children’s book entitled Meli Yang Ceria was published in Singapore and her illustrations were selected for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in 2017.

Expert in the skills of 2D animation, Cristiana has passed on her skills to children and teenagers as part of the Zoom Club at Summerhall in Edinburgh as well as developing numerous animation loops for exhibition.

Though trained in the classical techniques of fine art, it is animation that has become her natural voice- the things which inspire her are not static, so why should her art be? Combining these disciplines has seen her find the links between the traditional and the modern, the fine art and the new media.