A tribute to Bergamo football team.

2D artistic animation sketchy style, working on get the movements through the lines and the marks.

Using football in this case as a “main character”



This 2D animation wants to be a tribute for this big star: JAPPELOUP. He marked the history of equestrian sport in the 1980s. With his rider, Pierre Durand, he won practically everything:
Olympic champion in Seoul in 1988; European champion in St Gallen in 1987; finalist in the World Championships in Aachen in 1986 (4th); French champion in 1982 and 1986; French number one from 1986 to 1990; 2nd in the Final of the World Cup in Dortmund in 1990; 2nd in the Final of the World Cup in Gothenburg in 1988; winner of the European Final of the World Cup 1987/88; and 3rd in the Final of the World Cup in Berlin in 1985.
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Videoclip: jamin-a by de andre

2D  cut-out Animation: videoclip watercolours / digital illustrations

Final project at IED MILANO 2014

Videoclip for “Genova Mediterraneo e ritorno: un viaggio a disegni animati attraverso Creuza de ma ” 


2D Animation for Beach Volley

2D Animation: Beach Volley – Play with Texture.

Work for Greta Cicolari Beach Volley School

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Video Trial: 2D Cut out Digital Animation

Eurosport 2017

Energe - Efficenza Ingegneria Ricerca

2013: Work for Energe – 2D animation – Cut out Watercolor.

La mission di ENERGE è quella di ricercare, valutare ed integrare soluzioni tecniche e procedure finalizzate al risparmio energetico e all’impiego di fonti rinnovabili e alternative.

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